Wednesday, February 13, 2013



Every acre of land has a story, and the land along the Oregon coast is no exception.   Along these rocky shores, the early native American people lived and built their homes and their lives.
Later settlers came, and they too raised their families, built their homes, and spent their lives on these magnificent hills.  
So every place has a history, and if the land could talk to us, we would learn about the people who lived here before us.   Instead, the old shacks are torn down and new people move in and they build newer (and larger) buildings and homes in their place.
Most of the time there is no conflict between the years and the shadows of the people who lived in different time periods.  But once in a while, something happens, maybe to the material of time, maybe a fold, maybe a spirit that simply does not wish to move on just yet?     When this happens, we might have what we like to call a "ghost" and we have such a ghost story to share.   Use your imagination, how much is true and how much is fancy, I will never dare to guess.  But there is a story to tell.
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Usually when I go to the ocean it is very uplifting.  I have a couple of favorite spots where I see people walking their dogs, stopping and chatting, and enjoying the (drizzling right now) weather rain or shine.

Allow me a quick rant.

Yesterday I went to one of my usual spots and yes, did meet people walking their dogs as I walked my Sadie.  But I noticed a person walking a very tiny puppy.  It was a kind I have not seen before, very unusual.   I was told all about it but breeds are not interesting to me so I do not remember what kind of dog this was. 

What I do remember is that this tiny very fluffy ball of fur was walking in rocking-horse fashion, and seemed happy enough.  But as I continued to watch I noticed that this very young (probably 8 weeks acording to the person) puppy was being walked through grass that was  wet, it was drizzling and about 48 degrees at the time.  The puppy was soaking wet.

I talked with the owner and was told the puppy refused to be housebroken, so they were just going to stay outside until the little thing "got it".  To my dismay the owner walked this tiny puppy for at least a mile as I watched, over about a two hour time period, before disappearing and presumably going home! 

Never did this owner pick up this tiny bundle, but let it walk all that way, in wet grass and drizzle, and nothing I said fazed this person.  The puppy "is 8 weeks old" as if that made it all right.

The primary point of my rant dear reader, is that this person purchased this little puppy from someone who turned over this beautiful and joyful little creature to a person who lacks joy, lacks common sense, and has no interest in the well being of the puppy, just glowing in the "oh and ah" of the people passing by.  When you breed a dog, you have no idea who will end up with that puppy.  Especially when a pet is purchased you have such a risk that the purchaser is buying a possession, not a life friend.

Find your puppy or adult dog at the pound!  I have found two lovely and wonderful labs at the pound, both adult, both abused, both now full of joy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The spiritual nature of the ocean

Anyone who has spent time by the ocean can appreciate how spiritual the experience can be from time to time.  There is something about the constant rolling of the waves, the same but ever changing dance of the sea, the flight of the seagulls, the ancient rocks and sand that can lift you into another way of thinking.

Today was just such a day.

I was walking my wonderful black lab along the beach and as people walked by, the ones who greeted her with a word were rewarded with a "kiss" on the hand, her greeting of choice.   I smiled at how sweet she is and we walked on, and in the distance I saw a lone woman.  I had seen her several times on our walk.  Suddenly she was beside us, and she quietly said "Your dog says she is a very special dog". 

Well I was not sure what that meant, but I agreed that Sadie is very special.  But the woman repeated it again, and a bit confused I just shrugged it off with "she should say that, I tell her she is special every day" and laughed.  But the woman remained serious and tried one more time, she said "I said hello to your dog and she told me she was a very special dog". 

The woman had said nothing outloud to Sadie, and when I realized that she meant this conversation had taken place other than outloud, I turned around to find the woman but she had walked on and soon disappeared around the bend.  When I got half way down the beach I realized that something special had just happened and I realized I had not asked her what else my dog had said!  All of a sudden I had the feeling that this was a real thing, and I had blown it by not realizing the woman was serious.

Sadie and I walked on down the beach, and a couple with a dog walked by.  Sadie and the dog first sniffed and greeted each other in a friendly enough manner, but then the dog became a bit miffed and we had to drag the two apart.  This has happened many times with Sadie, and I had to break out into a laugh.  I pictured Sadie saying to the dog "hello, I am a very special dog..." and the dog getting a bit miffed at that proclamation.  I had to laugh.

A few minutes later I noticed a woman playing her violin at sunset, with a couple in their sunset years sitting on a bench enjoying the beauty of that moment. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wouldn't you have loved to see their face...

This happened years ago, but I still remember it fondly.
We had a number of beach houses, all located along a strip of the beach.  I needed to have a "deep clean" done on one of the houses, this is a very deep cleaning that is done (like the spring cleaning we do at home) once or twice per year.  In this cleaning the housekeeping staff will move furniture to clean under and over, they will use small ladders to reach the higher places, they will remove the contents from the drawers and cabinets to clean under and around.  Just a day long cleaning that catches up after a busy season of use.

I sent a team to do this deepclean on one of the oceanfront homes, set them up with supplies, ladder, instructions on where the owner of the house had left the key, directions to the house,  address, and phone number for them to call me with any questions or problems.

I got so busy that day that I did not give it too much more thought.  So about 6 and a half hours later the team showed back up at the office and announced that they had completed their job.   They also told me that the house was terribly dirty, it did not look like it had been cleaned much in years, and that they had to do quite a bit of extra work.   I was a little bit worried that it had taken the team only 6.5 hours, so when I was clear I drove out to the house to take inspect. 

Much to my dismay, the house did not appear any different than before they started!  Instead of jumping to conclusions, I drove back to the office and called the team in.  We went round and round a bit before I finally got it!   Yep, they had driven out to the house, had found the key just where I said it would be, and they worked for 6.5 hours on that house, scrubbing under-over-all around.  Only problem is, it was the wrong house!   They had missed the address by one number and the key was hidden exactly where I said the owner had left it!  They were just a couple of houses off!

Many times over the years I have wished I had a video of the owners of THAT beachhouse (they used it themselves and did not rent it, hence it was never really cleaned) arriving to their rather unkept home, and finding it sparkling clean!     I would have loved to have seen their faces!


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Friday, May 18, 2012


We have some great guests. 

This box came in the mail today, it cost $9.00 to send here priority mail.  Inside we found a beautiful large green rock!  Here is the note enclosed on a card:

" To whom it may concern:
On a recent trip north, I stayed in one of your cabins.  On a day trip to the Rogue River, this stone was found "with a very large voice".  I have carried it with me for many months, but it is time to return it.  Unfortunately no soon place to return.
I am hoping someone there has the heart to return the stone to the river.
Cabin guest

Isn't that something?   I just had to smile at this box that arrived in the mail today.  You neveer know what you will come across, and this one is new even to me.
With a smile,

Wild Coast Vacations
on the sunny southern Oregon coast
Vacation homes by the sea