Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The spiritual nature of the ocean

Anyone who has spent time by the ocean can appreciate how spiritual the experience can be from time to time.  There is something about the constant rolling of the waves, the same but ever changing dance of the sea, the flight of the seagulls, the ancient rocks and sand that can lift you into another way of thinking.

Today was just such a day.

I was walking my wonderful black lab along the beach and as people walked by, the ones who greeted her with a word were rewarded with a "kiss" on the hand, her greeting of choice.   I smiled at how sweet she is and we walked on, and in the distance I saw a lone woman.  I had seen her several times on our walk.  Suddenly she was beside us, and she quietly said "Your dog says she is a very special dog". 

Well I was not sure what that meant, but I agreed that Sadie is very special.  But the woman repeated it again, and a bit confused I just shrugged it off with "she should say that, I tell her she is special every day" and laughed.  But the woman remained serious and tried one more time, she said "I said hello to your dog and she told me she was a very special dog". 

The woman had said nothing outloud to Sadie, and when I realized that she meant this conversation had taken place other than outloud, I turned around to find the woman but she had walked on and soon disappeared around the bend.  When I got half way down the beach I realized that something special had just happened and I realized I had not asked her what else my dog had said!  All of a sudden I had the feeling that this was a real thing, and I had blown it by not realizing the woman was serious.

Sadie and I walked on down the beach, and a couple with a dog walked by.  Sadie and the dog first sniffed and greeted each other in a friendly enough manner, but then the dog became a bit miffed and we had to drag the two apart.  This has happened many times with Sadie, and I had to break out into a laugh.  I pictured Sadie saying to the dog "hello, I am a very special dog..." and the dog getting a bit miffed at that proclamation.  I had to laugh.

A few minutes later I noticed a woman playing her violin at sunset, with a couple in their sunset years sitting on a bench enjoying the beauty of that moment. 

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