Friday, May 18, 2012


We have some great guests. 

This box came in the mail today, it cost $9.00 to send here priority mail.  Inside we found a beautiful large green rock!  Here is the note enclosed on a card:

" To whom it may concern:
On a recent trip north, I stayed in one of your cabins.  On a day trip to the Rogue River, this stone was found "with a very large voice".  I have carried it with me for many months, but it is time to return it.  Unfortunately no soon place to return.
I am hoping someone there has the heart to return the stone to the river.
Cabin guest

Isn't that something?   I just had to smile at this box that arrived in the mail today.  You neveer know what you will come across, and this one is new even to me.
With a smile,

Wild Coast Vacations
on the sunny southern Oregon coast
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