Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Usually when I go to the ocean it is very uplifting.  I have a couple of favorite spots where I see people walking their dogs, stopping and chatting, and enjoying the (drizzling right now) weather rain or shine.

Allow me a quick rant.

Yesterday I went to one of my usual spots and yes, did meet people walking their dogs as I walked my Sadie.  But I noticed a person walking a very tiny puppy.  It was a kind I have not seen before, very unusual.   I was told all about it but breeds are not interesting to me so I do not remember what kind of dog this was. 

What I do remember is that this tiny very fluffy ball of fur was walking in rocking-horse fashion, and seemed happy enough.  But as I continued to watch I noticed that this very young (probably 8 weeks acording to the person) puppy was being walked through grass that was  wet, it was drizzling and about 48 degrees at the time.  The puppy was soaking wet.

I talked with the owner and was told the puppy refused to be housebroken, so they were just going to stay outside until the little thing "got it".  To my dismay the owner walked this tiny puppy for at least a mile as I watched, over about a two hour time period, before disappearing and presumably going home! 

Never did this owner pick up this tiny bundle, but let it walk all that way, in wet grass and drizzle, and nothing I said fazed this person.  The puppy "is 8 weeks old" as if that made it all right.

The primary point of my rant dear reader, is that this person purchased this little puppy from someone who turned over this beautiful and joyful little creature to a person who lacks joy, lacks common sense, and has no interest in the well being of the puppy, just glowing in the "oh and ah" of the people passing by.  When you breed a dog, you have no idea who will end up with that puppy.  Especially when a pet is purchased you have such a risk that the purchaser is buying a possession, not a life friend.

Find your puppy or adult dog at the pound!  I have found two lovely and wonderful labs at the pound, both adult, both abused, both now full of joy!

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