Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hummingbird Migration over the coast


Coming this week
The hummingbird migration up the coast.  Read about our last year migration, where thousands of tiny hummingbirds flew along the coastline heading north, just at tree level, and made quite a mad dash up the southern Oregon coast.  Here in Gold Beach Oregon we are waiting for their arrival in the next days.

The 2010 Hummingbird migration lasted for two full days. 
From early morning until almost dark on April 8 and April 9, hundreds of Hummingbirds migrated north along the coast.  From my yard, I watched these tiny bullet birds whiz past my deck.   A few stopped for a drink of the flowers I put out (not much was blooming just yet) but most zoomed by at unbelievable speeds, barely lifting over the shore pine, and then dropping to probably about 8 feet above the grass as they flew north.  The flight started around 8 am and continued all day long until near dark. 

This Hummingbird stopped to investigate the flowers I put on the deck, most of the birds few right on by, but I did get quite a few to stop and take a sip before they went back to their journey.  They seem to fly at unbelievable speeds, as the eye cannot even focus on the bird as he flies past the yard.  It was only when a few were able to stop for a very short visit that I could be sure they were actually hummingbirds!

Flying just over the Hummingbirds, were hundreds of Swallows heading north, as well as a small yellow bird I am not sure about, and something that looked like Starlings.  I also saw one V of geese later in the day as well.

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NEXT MIGRATION to watch for:

2011 migration should be this week!

Hummingbird Migration