Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pelican, the dancer of the sea Part 2

From the shore of Gold Beach Oregon, here on the sunny southern Oregon coast:

The Pelican

The creature that seems to be put together with spare parts.

He looks so awkward.

Yet it is migration season again, and I would like you to sit by the sea and watch as these elegant creatures fly north in the spring.  (And once they arrive back, you can see them morning and evening traveling along our shore to and from their day/ night areas).  You will see the most well choreographed ballet in the world.  From an ungraceful bird comes a graceful and wonderful ballet, yet it is easy to miss!  So sit a while and watch this very special event.

They generally fly in groups of 2 to 12 or more.  Flying single file, they fly as one, gliding just inches above the wet of the ocean, rising so gently as the wave builds under them.  Still inches from the water, this Pelican ribbon matches the shape of the wave exactly, the timing, the fluid motion, the music of their dance is perfect.

As one, the individuals fly with wings nearly touching, the first raises his flight as the wave builds, and in perfect response, as if a rope that has been flipped, each Pelican follows the first until they are gliding just at the tip of the wave, and then gently back to the level of the sea as the wave crests and breaks, and never seems to splash even a drop of salt water onto the flying shadow above.

Gently, smoothly they weave over the top of the water, little flapping, mostly gliding, they hug the water and move with the very motion of the always moving chant of the ocean face.  Not as one bird might do, not as the seagulls who fly there too.  No, the ribbon of Pelican motion instead reacts as one to the churn and and the music of the sea.  

Never a more wonderful dance will you witness, than that of the Pelican and the sea.  It is hard to  believe this ballerina of feather is such an effortless dancer.

Take some time to see this show, it is free!


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