Wednesday, February 13, 2013



Every acre of land has a story, and the land along the Oregon coast is no exception.   Along these rocky shores, the early native American people lived and built their homes and their lives.
Later settlers came, and they too raised their families, built their homes, and spent their lives on these magnificent hills.  
So every place has a history, and if the land could talk to us, we would learn about the people who lived here before us.   Instead, the old shacks are torn down and new people move in and they build newer (and larger) buildings and homes in their place.
Most of the time there is no conflict between the years and the shadows of the people who lived in different time periods.  But once in a while, something happens, maybe to the material of time, maybe a fold, maybe a spirit that simply does not wish to move on just yet?     When this happens, we might have what we like to call a "ghost" and we have such a ghost story to share.   Use your imagination, how much is true and how much is fancy, I will never dare to guess.  But there is a story to tell.
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