Friday, May 18, 2012


We have some great guests. 

This box came in the mail today, it cost $9.00 to send here priority mail.  Inside we found a beautiful large green rock!  Here is the note enclosed on a card:

" To whom it may concern:
On a recent trip north, I stayed in one of your cabins.  On a day trip to the Rogue River, this stone was found "with a very large voice".  I have carried it with me for many months, but it is time to return it.  Unfortunately no soon place to return.
I am hoping someone there has the heart to return the stone to the river.
Cabin guest

Isn't that something?   I just had to smile at this box that arrived in the mail today.  You neveer know what you will come across, and this one is new even to me.
With a smile,

Wild Coast Vacations
on the sunny southern Oregon coast
Vacation homes by the sea

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whale migration 2012:  Female whales and calf are coming by our southern Oregon coast (Gold Beach area) now, with several sighted daily in the Nesika Beach area where they swim very close to shore.  Come this week to see this annual event.   Unlike other migrations, these whales swim close enough to the shore in some areas to see great detail.  Ask about our cottages (coastal cottages on the website) where you have a front row seat.
Wild Coast Vacations, on the sunny southern Oregon coast, see the migration of the whales in mid May and the migration of the arriving pelicans too.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We have seen the first mother and calf whales migrating north along the Oregon coast, so close that you can see every detail.  Best homes for viewing this very special spring migration?  Shore Bird, Sand Cliff, Hidden Treasure, Pelican Cottage.   See these at, come this week or next for best chance to see this very special sight.  See the whale and pelican migration stories below!